Research and Development

The LTSA and partner schools have just completed a year-long research project with the University of York evaluating the impact of Reading Masters (a scheme developed at Vauxhall Primary School) on the reading skills of pupils in Year 4. The programme demonstrates having an impact on improving reading skills especially for those with EAL.    For more information please read the full report.

The LTSA has been  involved in a number of R&D projects and programmes including: 

  • An exciting new collaboration between the Wellcome and Education Development Trust with Vauxhall Primary school, to test classroom interventions based on evidence from neuroscience and psychology.
  • Supporting Spoken Language in the Classroom, "How to support the development of spoken language of all pupils in your school".  Wyvil primary school has been working in partnership with UCL, The Institute of Education.


All of these projects are about identifying best practice and developing new ideas to ensure excellent pedagogy. They involve working with other schools, in our alliance and beyond.


  • Closing the Gap: Test and LearnThis research programme researches the intervention programmes Numicon and Growth Mindset to test it’s impact on closing the gap in mathematics and literacy for those who are most disadvantaged.


  • Closing the Gap: Early Adopter    Researching the impact of using the creative arts in particular opera to raise the self-esteem of children  with special educational needs and improve speaking and listening skills.  Researching the impact of creating and using short educational videos, on the speed of progress for pupils participating in the Oval Learning Cluster Number Masters.


  • Leadership of Self: Leadership of Space   This research and development programme supports the investment in the diversity of Black and                                        Global Majority Leaders in London Schools. It aims to connect, support, raise the profile, retain and accelerate the career progression of Black and global majority educators who are at different stages of their careers, but who are aspirant and actively seeking the next step promotion.


The 3 programmes are:

Young London Leader

Designed for  teachers entering the profession who show sparks of leadership potential

Aspiring to Lead: Middle Leaders

Preparation for teachers who have been teaching for at least 3 years and aspire to the next stage promotion

Assistant and Deputy Internships

Incorporating aspects of the National College’s BME intern programme and a distinctive quality leadership programme run by the institute of Education



  • Number Masters   A unique two year programme created by the mathematics teachers in the Oval Cluster, led by Vauxhall Primary School, aimed at the development of number mastery and computational fluency in Key stage 1.