LTSA Appropriate Body for NQT Induction

Administration of Newly Qualified Teachers


The Appropriate Body, along with the headteacher is jointly responsible for the supervision and training (professional development) of the NQT during induction and has the main quality assurance role. The Statutory Guidance for Appropriate Bodies, Local Authorities, Headteachers, School Staff and Governing Bodies DFE 2013 can be downloaded from the DFE website.


All qualified teachers who are employed in a relevant school in England must, by law, have completed an induction period satisfactorily, subject to specified exemptions. Statutory induction is not a legal requirement to teach in FE or the independent sector, academies, free schools and BSOs, but may be served in these settings.  An appropriate body has the main quality assurance role within the induction process.

Purpose of induction

Statutory induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and a career in teaching. It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the relevant standards. The programme should support the newly qualified teacher (NQT) in demonstrating that their performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory by the end of the period and equip them with the tools to be an effective and successful teacher.

NQTs can be registered with the Lambeth Teaching Schools’ Alliance by completing and returning the NQT registration form to the LTSA at admin@ltsa.org.uk  before starting their induction.




NQT appropriate body administration



NQT Primary Training Programme


£600 per participant, or £250 per term


To register your NQTs please contact the LTSA  on admin@ltsa.org.uk 0208 6166 766